Recruiting Intergenerational African American Males for Biomedical Research Studies: A Major Research Challenge

The health and well-being of all individuals, independent of race, ethnicity, or gender, is a significant public health concern. Despite many improvements in the status of minority health, African American males continue to have the highest age-adjusted mortality rate of any race-sex group in the United States. Such disparities are accounted for by deaths from a number of diseases such as […]

Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Cognition in Older, Non-demented African Americans

Knowledge of the relationship between depressive symptoms and cognition in older adults has primarily come from studies of clinically depressed, functionally impaired or cognitively impaired individuals, and in predominately White samples. Limited minority representation in depression research exposes the need to examine these associations in more ethnic/racially diverse populations. We sought to examine the relationship between depressive symptoms […]

Variants in the ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter (ABCA7), Apolipoprotein E 4, and the Risk of Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease in African Americans

Genetic variants associated with susceptibility to late-onset Alzheimer disease are known for individuals of European ancestry, but whether the same or different variants account for the genetic risk of Alzheimer disease in African American individuals is unknown. Identification of disease-associated variants helps identify targets for genetic testing, prevention, and treatment.

GWAS of Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau Levels Identifies Risk Variants for Alzheimer’s Disease

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tau, tau phosphorylated at threonine 181 (ptau), and Ab42 are established biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and have been used as quantitative traits for genetic analyses. We performed the largest genome-wide association study for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tau/ptau levels published to date (n = 1,269), identifying three genome-wide significant loci for CSF tau and ptau: rs9877502 (p = 4.89 3 […]

African Americans and Alzheimer’s Disease: Role of Health Educators in Addressing this Silent Epidemic

Alzheimer’s disease is a major public health crisis in the United States as well as a growing health disparity. African Americans suffer disproportionately from Alzheimer’s disease (AD); they are twice as likely to have AD as white Americans. The Alzheimer’s Association refers to AD as a “silent epidemic” in the African-American community due to its increased […]

Neuropsychological effects and attitudes in patients following electroconvulsive therapy

The current study examined the effects of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) on neuropsychological test performance. Forty-six patients completed brief neuropsychological and psychological testing before and after receiving ECT for the treatment of recalcitrant and severe depression. Neuropsychological testing consisted of the Levin Selective Reminding Test (Levin) and Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised Edition (WMS-R). Self-report measures included the […]