Clinical Research and Ascertainment Room

The Clinical Research and Ascertainment core of COAACH is where research participants engage in examinations, cognitive assessments and blood draws, and provide extensive family history.  It is also the place where necessary training for all clinical study personnel occurs.

Community Education and Training Room

The education and training room is an intergenerational room designed to recreate a home environment for caregivers and patients.  It is used to test models of care, train caregivers and aging individuals on how to effectively work with Alzheimer’s (AD) and aging persons, and assist them with their activities of daily living (ADL).  This space is used for patient and caregiver training sessions on effective caregiving strategies, techniques for managing care and workshops on research participation and community engagement.

Speech Communication Assessment Clinic

The Speech Communication Assessment Clinic at COAACH serves as a diagnostic and therapeutic service provided to adults who present with mild to severe cognitive disabilities.  This space is designed for speech language pathologists who conduct formal and informal language and speech assessments. Caregivers and participants gain the tools, knowledge and strategies to enhance communication between caregivers and care recipients.

Memory Assessment Clinic

The Memory Assessment Clinic provides assessments for individuals who have concerns about their memory. Results from these assessments may be provided to patient health care providers (e.g. neurologists, gerontologists and primary care physicians).  Patients are required to sign a Consent and Liability waiver and the free memory screen results are provided immediately to caregivers or patients.