Keeping Memories Alive Listening Parties

Every 66 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no cure. It cannot be prevented nor the progression slowed down.   About the Keeping Memories Alive Listening Parties As the important work of discovering a cure for Alzheimer’s disease...

Research Publications

COAACH publishes several documents containing research on Alzheimer's, aging, and community health. We also produce community needs assessments and report cards on the state of aging in targeted communities.

Community Needs Assessments

COAACH is determined to understand the needs of the communities we serve. We gather and disseminate community research information through comprehensive needs assessments. COAACH staff and its partners conduct focus groups in targeted communities to gauge the...

COAACH Resource Clearinghouse

COAACH is committed to making helpful resources available to caregivers, affected individuals, and community stakeholders. We have assembled a toolkit containing a variety of helpful resources.

University Research

COAACH faculty and students are engaged in research on how to conduct community outreach that leads to improvements in healthy aging. Our research utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that includes biology, social work, psychology, engineering, nursing, visual and performance...

Support Groups

The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Groups provide emotional, educational, and social support for caregivers. Support groups help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems and encourage caregivers to maintain their own personal, physical, and emotional health. Learn...

Art and Music Education Series

COAACH is dedicated to community outreach and to using effective methods for sharing valuable information. Leveraging NC A&T State University's phenomenal visual arts and performance programs and resources, COAACH aims to communicate messages in unique ways.