COAACH encourages book clubs to absorb nonfiction and fictional stories on Alzheimer’s to create a better awareness of the disease.  Featured is the award winner author Marita Golden’s book – The Wide Circumference of Love.

We feel this is an excellent way to increase discussion and participation in help sessions, research and moves us closer to a cure.  But we need data to evaluate our efforts. Please participate in the quick survey either before or after enjoying – The Wide Circumference of Love.

The Wide Circumference of Love, by Marita Golden

What do you do when your spouse of many years has Alzheimer’s? What happens to your marriage, your family, your own sense of self as the disease robs your loved one of his or hers?

Marita Golden, the critically acclaimed author of over ten books as well as anthologies, took on those questions as she began the research for The Wide Circumference of Love. What she uncovered were both the hard numbers that will impact us all and the intuitive truths about what it means to love through this challenging disease. In the end, the novel is a meditation on love and an unflinching look at the ways in which identity, happiness, and the future are reforged in the wake of a single diagnosis.

“Golden’s redemptive novel is a tale of family survival in which love softens the brutal edges of an insidious disease.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A deeply resonant and important novel that everyone should read. Marita Golden writes with unsurpassed grace and humanity about Alzheimer’s, family, the burden of memory, and the enduring power of love.” —Julie Otsuka, bestselling, author of The Buddha in the Attic

“Marita Golden has written a heartwarming novel about the human capacity to love even under the most challenging of circumstances. The Wide Circumference of Love tells about the many dimensions of love and our courage to move forward in a life that could be ‘sullen with darkness,’ but also ‘lit with grace.’ This is a story that will linger in the heart long after the last page is read.” —Elizabeth Nunez, author of Even in Paradise

“Golden has a rare gift for the poetry of language.” —San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

“A wonderful storyteller, an uncompromising mind, Marita Golden explores the African-American experience in a completely original way.” —Newsweek