aaad_website_hdr_v1African Americans & Alzheimer’s Genetic Research Study:  Help Us Continue to Find Answers.

Recruitment for the genetic study is still ongoing.  Thanks to your commitment to make a difference, we have over 700 participants enrolled in the study.  This participation level led to the discovery of a new gene, ABCA7, found In African Americans.

Despite the accomplishments we have more work to do.

We need:

  • Two or more family members affected with memory loss or dementia
  • Men and women affected with memory loss or dementia
  • 60 years of age or older

Study participants will:

  • Perform memory testing
  • Complete consent forms
  • Provide a blood sample
  • Share medical history
  • Receive monetary compensation
  • Not have to travel

If you have an interest in participating, know of someone who may be interested, or would like additional information, please email us at: 
or call
Takiyah D. Starks, M.S. at: 888.248.2808